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 Jewellery repairs


 We usually wear jewellery that mean a lot to us! Big or small pieces! Whether we wear a piece of jewellery that has sentimental value or just because we like it, in the cource of time they might occur a physical damage. So you can bring to us your jewellery to renew them or even a bigger change such as a color change!
  You can trust us your jewellery when you want to:

  • Change the size (ring, necklace, bracelet)
  • Repair any damage or dents
  • Change the silvery color, and choose between the remaining options we offer: Gold-plated, rose gold-plated or black rhodium

Prices start at 3 € and depend on the wear, the size and surface of the piece of jewellery.
Visit us at our office along with your jewelry and leave it in the hands of our experts!

Transportation costs 10 € including transportation to our company, delivery back to the receiver and cost of delivery.