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The last 19 years the Silver Union company operates in the silver jewelry business in the wholesale and recently and retail. By focusing on the needs of the modern consumer and particularly the needs of women for her personal appearance, Silver Union has a large collection of silver jewelery and watches and a wide range so as to enable the consumer to choose the option jewel of.
The Silver Union has a wide variety of silver jewelry that can meet every need and every taste. Through its collections you can find jewelry and watches in modern, timeless and classic designs. With a wide range of prices you can find affordable solutions to refresh your appearance easily and economically. The company's service department is always available to respond to any questions or help you need by telephone or by email.

With a wide network of agents for wholesale and through its online company store for wholesale and retail the Silver Union serves areas throughout Greece and Cyprus.

Find the perfect jewel that suits you best! Make a wonderful gift to your loved ones! Make your everyday glittering through the Silver Union!                                        


The company's vision is to make every woman's life brighter with an economical way offering a wide variety of products covering many different needs.


The company's mission is to provide the market separately silver jewelry, high quality that meet the needs and expectations of consumers. Moreover, Silver Union aims to maintain a long and harmonious relationship with all members-inside and outside of the undertaking's associated with the company as customers, employees, suppliers etc. A key priority for the Silver Union is to develop and maintain an excellent working ambient supporting internal communication and collaboration among employees.