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Silverunion.gr can serve customers all over Greece. All deliveries are executed by GENIKI TAXIDROMIKIH and Greek Post ELTA.

Retail terms:

For orders 50 euros and over the deliveries in the whole country is FREE OF CHARGE.

For orders under 50 euros the following charges apply:

  • There is no charge when the customer picks up the order from our shop "Silver Union" located at Perikleous 36, Syntagma 10562, Tel. 2103316518.
  • For delivery of your order, there is an additional charge of 5€ in the whole country.

Wholesale Terms:

  • Orders, in Athens,  weighing  2kg are charged:  3.10 € and 5.30 € for COD
  • Orders, out of Athens, weighing 2kg are charged: 4.35 € and 5.30 € for COD
  • For orders  weighing  more than 2kg 1.0 € is added per extra kilo

 Order prices in Cyprus depend on many factors (fuel surcharge etc), therefore it is recommended you contact our company for your proper information

The time of delivery depends on the product availability and is 5 working days maximum for Greece and Cyprus. In case that we cannot execute your order for reasons of superior violence (extreme weather conditions, strikes etc), we will contact you, in order to declare whether you wish the order to be completed or not.

Retraction and returns of products

You have the right to return products purchased and replace them

a) in all cases where SILVER UNION sold wrong products or products of low quality or faulty (mistake during the order, the pricing, its mission, damaged during shipping etc.) and
b) in all cases where there was a problem / real defect in the product.

In all cases, customer has the option at the outset not to accept the delivery of the product or, after taking delivery, return the product within 20 days from the date of delivery.

In each case the products must be returned in perfect condition, at the same state received from the client, complete and without damages and in excellent condition. If not returned within 20 days then SILVER UNION cannot accept any return and replacement. In any case, for all the above cases the maximum time limit may not cross the twenty (20) calendar days of receipt. Moreover, in all cases, should the product be accompanied by all the documents that are related to product purchase. Before any return, it is recommended an initial communication with the Online Store SILVER UNION or phone communication with the company.

In any case, the return and replacement is feasible under the following conditions:

- Communicate the same day or the next working day with the company.
- The product is not used
- The product is accompanied by all necessary documents to prove the transaction
-Our company stocks the specific product


- If an item you received is broken you can bring / send it back, by being charged the half cost of transportation (5€). If the product has a manufacturing defect, we replace it immediately and free of charge.
- In case of delivering you the wrong item, we send you the right and assume all costs of transportation.
- In case you do not like the product, you can change it within 20 days, assuming the cost of transportation.In this case you have to contuct us and let us know the product code that you would like to replace with the previous one and we will inform you about its availability.

The delivery cost is up to 10€ and includes the transportation to our company, delivery to the recipient and COD.